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This is 3 Acre Brewing
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Craft Beer

(1) Porcupine Pale Ale
Turned out great! This pale ale is a bit darker in color, yet easy drinking. The added orange peels (tossed in @ 10 mins left into boil) give it a small amount of added flavor flav!
(2) Mongoose Mango IPA
Damnit! Over-carbonated... my bad!
(3) Donkey Double IPA
Excess orange peel with IPA... good and bad IMO!

(4) Llama Lemon IPA
Tasty, unique. Prob dial this in some more next spring!
(5) Gecko Grapefruit Ale
The best so far! If you don't like grapefruit... too bad for you!

3 acre brew in firth nebraska craft beer

(6) SMASHerine (Single malt and single hop tangerine)
A tangerine addition was added for tastiness + coolness factor!


(7) ?
(8) ?
(9) ?


A small home brewing experiment, with funkalicious craft brews being mashed together on a monthly basis (or more). Been a huge fan of craft brews since 1994, when traveling to the mountains of Colorado. She even said "Yes" at the Hubcap Brewery (no longer around) in downtown Vail Colorado back in the late 90's, and we're still rolling strong today!

Located 15 miles south of Lincoln, our 3 acres give us the ability to grow our own hoppity hops (coming soon). The goal is to give our local craft brewers something to choose from for their next batch 'o brew.